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Top Six [Aug. 30th, 2006|05:57 am]
Rock Star: Supernova


Last night's show was awesome. And Tommy grabbing Magni's ass had me laughing!!

I thought they all did a great job! I don't really like "Rebel Yell", but I liked Toby's version.

And if Evanescence sounded like Storm's version, I might like them.

I feel bad for Dilana, but I'm hoping she bounces back. I think last night's performance helped. I want to hug her.

Ryan...decent job, but I'm just not feeling him. He might be the "Dark Horse" but he still looks constipated to me. Either constipated or he's got hemorroids or something. He just looks so uncomfortable when he sings.

Toby is working the crowd--not a bad thing. I wonder if that will win him points? And hahaha @ Tommy saying Toby is getting people naked, "Thank you, man!" haha

Tonight should be interesting. I think out of all the performances last night, Ryan's was the weakest, but then I don't like him, so maybe that's just me.