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Oh my. [Sep. 6th, 2006|07:48 am]
Rock Star: Supernova


It's getting so close to the end!!

Dilana--I liked her performances, despite her injury. But I guess someone's gotta be in the bottom 3.

Magni--solid performance, despite Tommy's kinda dumb question. I understand his question, but I liked Magni's answer! And Magni was looking exceptionally last night!!!

Lukas--I didn't like his performance. Just didn't.

Storm--I liked her original song!! Again, I want to hump her leg.

Toby--Eh. His orignal song remind me of Billy Idol--HOWEVER, he works the crowd and makes it FUN! And that works in this competition.

So, I think, in order of best to worst: Magni, Storm, Toby, Dilana, Lukas.

I can so see Magni winning this. Tonight's bottom 3 is gonna be insanely hard unless someone totally tanks on the performance.

[User Picture]From: annexensen
2006-09-07 04:44 am (UTC)

its so obvious

the band has already picked TOBY---his less than stellar performances win rave reviews and he get a car when Storm totally outrocked him with the original.
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