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Woo! [Aug. 29th, 2006|03:57 pm]
Rock Star: Supernova

I ordered tickets for Supernova. Now I just hope Ryan doesn't win. LOL Oh well if he does. I just wanna see Gilby. =) And Tommy again, of course.

They're not the best seats, but it's more of the experience, ya know?

Anyone else get their tickets? If so, where are you seeing them at?
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One more down... [Aug. 24th, 2006|06:00 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

again with the non-chatty Gilby. :(

Okay, Dilana needs to just keep her mouth shut. Celebrities invite their own drama when they *say it with me now* open their mouth. Okay, so you're honest, so am I, but I wouldn't go spouting shit to just whoever asked! She's going to put her foot in her mouth (if she hasn't already) and fuck herself over.

I can't believe Magni was in the bottom three. That's insane. He shoulda smashed the guitar at the end of "Fire" tho, to show Ryan how it's done. Don't just "toss it aside", smash the fucker! Maybe next time. I'm glad the guys didn't mention it tho.

Patrice. I don't like The Pretenders and I didn't like her version either. I could tell when she was singing it that she'd be next to go.

Toby. He did awesome. I didn't like him at first, but he's growing on me. But he's not a favorite either.

Tommy said to Patrice that the voters are the fans that are gonna be buying their tickets and they have voted her into the bottom 3 four times now. Yes, I agree...

...and thus, I put in to get February 5, 2007 off (it's a Monday) at work, so me and Jessi can go see Supernova in Detroit! Tickets go on sale August 30. I have to do some fancy financial magic, but we're going. I showed her the pre-sale email I got and she goes "Can we go?" I said I didn't know and I've already seen Tommy twice. And she goes, "But it's SUPERNOVA!" I said "yes, true....and I haven't ever seen Gilby..."
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Chopper: Supernova mascot [Aug. 23rd, 2006|05:22 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

Gilby wasn't very talkative tonight =(

So yes, performances:

Patrice--I thought she did pretty good. She didn't make her weird mouth moves as much on her own song. I liked it.

Magni--Another good performance, I just think maybe he coulda added his own spin on it maybe. BUT then again, that's probably hard to do.

Dilana--First, she ran around the pool naked!! I do not have a pool, but I will dig one if it will help ;) I love everything that woman does, so do I really need to comment and say, "great performance" cuz it always is. Was it her first performance where she did Nirvana's "Lithium"? That was the performance that I was kinda wondering, "WTF?" then the end of the song and I was hooked. Then she got "Ring of Fire" and it's been a sealed deal ever since!

Lukas--They loved this performance. While I suppose it was okay, and I'm with Gilby on this--Lukas does turn his back to the audience waaaaaaaay too much. However, maybe it's becuz I don't like the Killers and have never heard the original song, so I didn't have anything to compare it too, but I didn't really like it. *shrug*

Ryan--Um...Ryan. His song sounded like something Nickelback would write. His bit with throwing the guitar at the end: Would have done that if Tommy hadn't mentioned it to Magni?? Probably not. I was hoping Jason or Gilby, or even Tommy would have asked him that.

Storm--I thought she did good. She was saying it was hard to do becuz of how Steven Tyler sung it and I'm thinking, "So sing it your way" and she did and it worked out tremendously. And I think Tommy and Dave's comments are getting on her nerves, but that's just me; cuz of how she answered Jason and said "Thank you, Jason" cuz he didn't say "gee, how about you come out naked next time?" ya know?

Toby--At first I wasn't feeling this. I don't like the original version, but this one was an improvement, I thought. If Toby's version came on the radio, I wouldn't be so quick to change the station. And I loved seeing Gilby lean over to Tommy and say, "What's that say on his chest?" =)

I think either Storm, Lukas or Ryan will get the encore. Or Dilana of course. I know they really liked Lukas and Ryan's performance, so I guess we'll see.

And Storm in the preliminary bottom 3?? WTF?
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and...... [Aug. 17th, 2006|06:21 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

Happy 44th Birthday to Gilby!! =)
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WOOHOO [Aug. 17th, 2006|05:56 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

Am I evil becuz I giggle every time super hero Z performed?? Am I evil cuz I clapped that they voted her out? She knew it tho, she said to Patrice and they sent Magni (WTF was he doing in the bottom 3??) to sit back down, she said, "You got this one" to Patrice. And I do think Patrice saved her ass with that performance. Not that I think Z was any good, tho it was one of her better ones. *shrug*

I did like the clips of them singing with Supernova in the studio. I think Magni, Lukas and Dilana sounded right. The others didn't fit (sorry, Storm!!).

And the performance with Dilana?? Awesome. I want her under my Xmas tree. =)
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Oh my... [Aug. 16th, 2006|11:16 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

Okay, while super hero Z shows bravery for wanting to perform her original song and it might have been a good song, but I don't know what she was singing about. HOWEVER, the point of the show and the performances, is to show them what you would do if you fronted their band. I think Z has missed that main point. They've been telling her that for how many weeks now? And she still hasn't gotten it. I wish her gone.

Patrice...not a strong performance at all. There was just nothing there. I kept expecting her to take it up a notch, but she never did.

Magni...Good performance, great singing. Again tho, I expected him to take that song up a notch and he didn't. But he looked nice. =)

Toby...I enjoyed the running around naked bit and Gilby, "I love that you ran around naked for me!!" and I love the song, and I did enjoy his performance of it and I enjoyed watching Gilby sit there and play the guitar like it was nothing--but there was no interaction between Toby and Gilby and that kinda made it a bit less exciting. But it was still a good performance.

Lukas...I love the song. I did enjoy his version, but for once, I'm with Jason on this--I expected more with this song from him. But I still liked it and I think it still worked for him.

Storm...Storm, Storm, Storm. Maybe it was the song choice. Maybe it was an off day. But if Storm is in the bottom 3, it won't surprise me this time. This just, as Tommy said, "was sauteed in wrong sauce". *nods* Yeah, it was. I wasn't feeling it. I tried.

Ryan...It was a good performance from him, but not AS good as I think he could've done. I know it was the "stripped down" show, but I don't think that meant that you couldn't turn a mellow song into a rockin' song.

Dilana...Yes, best performance of the night. I'd like to see what she could so with Storm's song, "I Will Survive". Dilana could get any song and totally make it her own. I heard The Cars song the other day, "Just What I Needed" and I could just hear Dilana doing that song. Maybe I'm just weird. HOWEVER, it worries me that she keeps reminding them that she's the winner. I'd hate for that confidence to be mistaken as arrogance and cockiness and have it backfire on her. Cuz I do want to see her win!
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Vote for "X" buttons !!! [Aug. 15th, 2006|06:47 pm]
Rock Star: Supernova

[mood |creative]

In response to marionette's color-coded "team" icons in rocksupernova, I made these embeddable buttons to get your peeps to vote.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Copy and paste the following code for a clickable button that goes to
http://rockstar.msn.com/voteinfo. It would be nice if you saved your buttons to your own host, but I doubt these tiny things will affect my PhotoSukkit bandwidth that much. The example below is for Dilana, substitute your rocker name at the end of the url. I titled the Dilana/Storm button as: VDandS

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF http://rockstar.msn.com/voteinfo IS THE WRONG LINK FOR VOTING and I will change it in all the directions. I really can't tell since the voting isn't open at the moment. Thanks.

A nifty little buttonmaker I found is here, yet it only does the tiny size. I photoshopped mine to be bigger. I will take custom button requests as long as it doesn't get to be too much. Specify Color and text. Hex Chart for custom colors is here.

I also made this to embed in my myspace, this one I don't want hotlinked, thanx :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Wow [Aug. 10th, 2006|05:38 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

Am I the only one that rewound it to watch Gilby ride up on his motorcycle again??

Okay...so...why wasn't super hero Z in the bottom 3 this week????? *sigh*

I agreed with the bottom 3, sorta. I thought Patrice's song choice Tuesday and performance were good (despite what I said about her sameness, she still did it good), so I was glad she wasn't in the FINAL bottom 3.

Jill's bottom 3 performance--eh. I dunno, while she rocked out the song, I don't think there's much you can do with that song. I suppose you could, she managed a little, but it still wasn't working for me.

Josh--If they tell you they think you're better without the guitar in front of you, why are you going to choose to do it again???? That makes no sense to me. I LOVE LOVE his song choice, but unfortunately he ruined it. I don't like what he does with his voice, cuz it doesn't work on rock songs.

Ryan--I didn't like Tuesday's performance, but tonight, I enjoyed it.

I thought Josh would be going home. Imagine my pleasant surprise to send Jill AND Josh home. Too bad it wasn't Z. I guess there's always next week.
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Where to start??? [Aug. 9th, 2006|06:34 am]
Rock Star: Supernova

First, I was happy seeing Gilby perform, but then we got to see Tommy perform too?!?! Bonus!

So..the run down...

Ryan--I don't like him. There's just that "something" about him I don't like. Maybe it's the expression he always has, like he's going to cry or pout or punch a wall or something. His performance was so-so, but when he wasn't actually singing and trying to be hardcore Jagger or whatever, I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

Lukas--Eh. I did like his performance, otherwise I'm not a big fan of the song, but I liked what he did with it. However, I think that style was too high-pitched for him. Jason likes it. I like the gravely stuff he sings better.

Patrice--Patrice, Patrice. Last week was her best performance, I thought and she still managed the bottom three. This week tho, I noticed something: She sings every song the same. Her voice does the same thing. Her mouth moves the same. Same expression. Everything.

Josh--I agree with Tommy when he said he likes Josh's moves sans guitar, but I don't like his voice. I don't think he could pull off a REAL rock song.

Jill--Nothing special. I think she's skanky. I liked her at first, but now it's like she's trying to hide her inner-skank after Gilby told her it was bad. At the end of the show, I quickly jotted down my notes to put here, so I wouldn't forget and I thought I had everyone. Then they showed the current bottom 3 and there was Jill. Oops. Forgot her at that point. That's not a good sign for her.

Super hero Z--hahaha Gilby called her Z!! Now if he would just add the "Super Hero" to it! I cannot stand her. WTF is up with her outfits? Why not just totally stun the fuck out of everybody and wear NORMAL rock clothes?? Hell, if she wants to look like she's in a Norwegian Black Metal band, go for it! But lose the spacey outfits! And no more capes! And no more Willy Wonka hats!

Magni--Great performance. I think it was my favorite of his!

Toby--That was just awesome! Holy God! He surprised me, cuz I've not been impressed with him, but last night?? I wanna see him in the encore!!

Storm--I dunno, she could stand that and sway to the music and I'd think it was a great performance =) But vocally, she was great too! haha I like her. It's a tough call between her and Dilana, but I'm going with Dilana still.

Dilana--Delightful Dilana. Awesome! I loved when Dave said that based on her song choice, cuz Gilby was playing on it, and she wanted it and made sure no one else wanted it, that she would win by default if it was up to him. I think Dave is being prophetic there! And then when Gilby told her that she proved to him that a girl could front their band. He was so cute when he said that! =) I LOVE Dilana. And I think even if Supernova only does the one album, Dilana will still end up doing way more!
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Dana [Aug. 7th, 2006|12:00 pm]
Rock Star: Supernova

While Dana's performance was the worst of the 3, a lot of that could have been to do with her song performance. All Doors' songs to me seem to go on forever.

However, when Gilby (I think) said that even with Tommy behind Patrice, she was still in the bottom 3--that that was cause for worry, I almost thought they'd get rid of her. Then I was thinking maybe people voted her in to the bottom 3 becuz of her comments, about everything being done in rock and roll already and "oh, they're serious about this".

Dana was too much of a nice girl--they would've corrupted her. But at least she got a tattoo out of the deal!! lol

Now if superhero Z can go home this week, I'll be happy! And Jessi agrees on the vampire teeth, islandlady1975!!
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